Parents Can Be Arrested For Their Kid’s House Party

Picture this: You and your partner are enjoying dinner at your favorite restaurant and savoring quality kid-free time together. Meanwhile, your teenager invites friends over and they bring alcohol, marijuana or other drugs into your home to share. Perhaps your kid generously opens your liquor cabinet and they help themselves to your favorite booze. Believe […]

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Social Anxiety? 3 Reasons to Try Group Therapy

Studies show that group therapy is effective in reducing social anxiety. As you get closer to the event, your heart races, your palms sweat. You start to consider excuses for canceling. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety disorders are the most common mental illnesses diagnosed in the United State, affecting over […]

How to Choose the Best Group Therapy For You

You’ve decided to give group therapy a try. You’ve talked to friends who have been in group therapy, researched group therapy online, maybe you’ve even got the blessing of your individual therapist. So where do you find a group that is best suited for your needs? I sat down with Molyn Leszcz, a psychiatry professor […]

How to Make Love Last

Why do some couples remain madly in love, while others see love fade fast from their relationship? If you think those couples are lucky, think again. Luck eventually runs out. Short-term love is easy; long-term love requires dedication and commitment. But the benefits are mind-blowing. For example, loving couples in long-term relationships experience major health […]

When Someone You Love Relapses

You never thought he would relapse… You trusted him. He promised you that he’d changed. Convinced you that he’d learned his lesson, that his days of using drugs and alcohol were over. He finished a rehab program, celebrated the anniversary of his abstinence with you. He hugged and thanked you for being there, for not abandoning […]

How Parents Can Empower Their Daughters

What can we do to help empower our daughters in today’s world? How can we help them to develop self-worth? What can we do to help empower our daughters in today’s world? How can we help them to develop self-worth? I sat down with Yoon Im Kane, a Yale-trained psychotherapist and the founder & executive […]

The Blueprint for Raising a Happy, Resilient Child

What does a child need to be happy? Many years ago, UK’s favorite parenting expert Sue Atkins wondered: Why do some children become ‘successful’ in life and others don’t? She concluded that the children who succeed have close relationships with others (particularly their immediate family), feel valued, and have a sense of control over their […]