New Play Explores Therapist Burnout

What happens when a therapist loses his grip on reality? “THE TALKING CURE” an exciting new one-act play produced by the New York Theater Festival at the Guild Theater, Jan 26, 28 & 29th, opens with Dr. Arthur Russo, a Manhattan psychotherapist, feeling tormented by his patients. “In the beginning seeing patients was a pleasure. […]

Parent’s Guide to the Gender Revolution

Gender identity explained for parents. Your teenager is changing. You’re not sure what’s happening. You’re concerned. Maybe your daughter ditched dresses for battered jeans and a leather jacket. Maybe your son started growing his hair long and wearing touches of make-up. You wonder, “Is it a fad? A phase? A sign of mental problems?” Welcome […]

Sean Grover Reviews

“Psychotherapist Grover pulls no punches in this parenting manual (WHEN KIDS CALL THE SHOTS)…[his] empowering, motivating approach is highly compassionate to suffering, burnt-out parents without letting them off the hook for becoming self-aware adults who can make consciously better choices for themselves and their children.” Publishers Weekly, Editor’s Pick, April 2015   “Grover does a fine […]

7 Best Parenting Tools for Raising Teens in New York City

The ultimate resource guide for city parents. New York City can a teenager’s dream — and a parent’s nightmare. A massive playground with endless possibilities, and unforeseen hazards. At my New York City Parenting Workshops, parents of teenagers inevitably appear the most stressed out. Who can blame them? Compare NYC to other US cities and […]

9 Ways to Cure Your Own Depression

It’s easier than you think. Whether it tumbles down on you on gloomy days or is triggered by a disappointment or loss, depression is an unwelcome guest in every home. But before we cure it, let’s consider where it may be coming from. Defining Depression Many folks confuse sadness with depression. Sadness is a natural […]

The 3 Types of Children Who Bully Their Parents

… and the good news and bad news about dealing with each. All children have unique personalities and temperaments, but kids who bully their parents have very particular traits, and three most prevalent styles: 1. The Defiant Bully Is your kid always opposing you? Does your kid blackmail you? Are you afraid of your kid’s anger? […]