How Parents Can Make Their Kids Experts in Happiness

Is your kid’s happiness short lived or long lasting? Admit it, you love to see your kid happy; your home is filled with smiling photos grinning from your computer screen, book shelves, even your refrigerator door. Everyone wants to raise a happy child. But when it comes to raising children, are all forms of happiness […]

5 Questions for Kids Fearful of Trying New Things

Bestselling author Paul Smith teaches parents how to encourage hesitant children Bestselling author Paul Smith knows a lot of ways of encouraging hesitant kids, 101 ways to be precise. In his book PARENTING WITH A STORY, Paul documents 101 inspiring lessons to help kids build the kind of character that they and their parents can […]

Happy Parents, Happy Kids

Peace activist Daisaku Ikeda’s newly published parenting book Admit it, you love to see your kids happy; your home is filled with photos of your smiling children; you see their grinning faces peering out from computer screens, book shelves, even your refrigerator door. It’s a universal truth that every parent loves to see his or […]

5 Ways for Parents to Prevent Back-to-School Meltdowns

How to soothe your kid’s back-to-school angst For millions of vacationing, carefree children the phrase “back-to-school” provokes mass hysteria. Now with September just around the corner, it’s time for parents to put away the beach umbrella, sunblock, and brace for impact. How can you make the back-to-school transition less of a trip to crazy town? […]

The Truth About Teens and Sex

…and the one factor tied to virginity loss two years earlier than average. When I lead parenting workshops, I can feel the anxiety in the room spike when the issue of teen sex is raised. Mothers and fathers often get anxious when they see their teenagers—specifically their darling sons or daughters—morph into sexual beings. One […]

5 Ways College Support Groups Save Struggling Students

For many years I’ve sat with stunned parents who asked, “What went wrong with my kid in college?” Their son or daughter left home upbeat and full of hope, only to return from freshman year overwhelmed, anxious or depressed. Yet they had excelled in high school. What happened? The leap to college is loaded with challenges for teenagers. Take […]

3 Questions to Ask Yourself About Every Relationship

Do you feel valued by this person? Psychotherapists have long believed that the relationships you choose reflect your feelings about yourself. For example, if you don’t value yourself, your friends won’t either. They won’t think twice about standing you up, phoning at the last minute to cancel plans, or forgetting to contact you altogether. They […]