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Is Your Kid a Defiant Bully?

Excerpt from WHEN KIDS CALL THE SHOTS, Chapter Four, Understanding your kid’s bullying behavior style * Kids with a Defiant Bullying Style Does your kid back you into a corner with demands and threats? Are you afraid of your kid’s … Continue reading

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Do You Resent Happy People?

Once upon a time there was a bird that lived in a cage in dark shadowy room; then one day his cage was moved outside. For the first time he see birds flying free. He watches them dive through the … Continue reading

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Where Do You Store Tension in Your Body?

By Sean Grover It was a moment that changed my life. It was about twenty years ago, and I was a patient in a therapy group lead by Dr. Louis Ormont, a pioneer of American group therapy. I was discussing … Continue reading

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Anger MISmanagement

How to Better Manage Your Anger By Sean Grover Everyone gets angry. But how we manage our anger is different for everyone. Some of us store up frustration, hold grudges, nurse hurt feelings, or isolate ourselves; others rage and blame … Continue reading

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The Secret to Gaining Respect

The quickest way to earn respect is to give it. by Sean Grover Dr. Wilcox, the head of psychiatry in a leading Manhattan mental health clinic, had a history of erupting in arrogant rages.  Like all the interns, I learned … Continue reading

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