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Psychology Today: 3 Keys to Finding the Balance in Motherhood Psychology Today: How to Prevent Back to School Meltdowns Psychology Today: When to Consider Boarding School Psychology Today: How to Talk to Your Kids About Money Psychology Today: Questions for … Continue reading

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Talk of the Town with Larry Rifkin, WATR AM, Aug 21st PLAY INTERVIEW NEWSTALK 1010, The Night Side with Barb DiGiulio July 24 PLAY PODCAST (Clip Starts at 16:30) Parenting with a Story by Paul Smith PLAY PODCAST The Bill Santiago Show, SiriusXM Radio, … Continue reading

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Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places? How to Break the Broken Heart Habit

By Sean Grover, LCSW Last summer, I attended a concert by a famed singer-song writer. When he took command of the stage, you knew you were in the hands of an old pro; someone who had spent a lifetime in … Continue reading

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Do You Resent Happy People?

Once upon a time there was a bird that lived in a cage in dark shadowy room; then one day his cage was moved outside. For the first time he see birds flying free. He watches them dive through the … Continue reading

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What’s in Your Basket of Troubles?

By Sean Grover, LCSW A Parable… Once upon a time, there was a lost man who carried around a basket of troubles and wandered the land calling out,“Who will help me with my basket of troubles?” Many pitied him, some … Continue reading

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Are You Emotionally Attuned?

by Sean Grover The Secret World of Emotional Attunement When your radio’s tuned properly to your favorite station, the broadcast comes in loud and clear. Without any static or overlap of frequencies, you relax and enjoy the music or the … Continue reading

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How to Pull a Volcano Out of a Tree

By Sean Grover In the 1970’s my parents fell in love with throwing big outdoor theme parties for friends and family. The aftermath of their parties filled our backyard with oddities which included a twenty foot tall fiberglass Cleopatra (harvested … Continue reading

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The Loneliness of the People Pleaser

By Sean Grover When someone asks you a favor, do you readily agree and later regret it? Perhaps you say yes, when you really wanted to say no? Afterward, do you feel victimized, lament your decision, or bemoan your fate? … Continue reading

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How to Be a More Decisive Person

By Sean Grover Do you make a prison of indecision? While playing it safe may be comforting, standing in the shadows, waiting for someone else to decide, or remaining dependent on friends or loved ones to make decisions for you … Continue reading

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What is a Value Creating Life?

Is it possible to create value out of any situation? By Sean Grover Life deals us so many sufferings – loved ones pass, illness occurs, tragedy strikes. In a heartbeat we could be hit with a critical blow we never … Continue reading

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