5 Ways Psychotherapy & Religion Work Best Together

For generations, the field of psychotherapy has been locked in a contemptuous battle with religion. Psychotherapists bashed religion as magical thinking and labeled God an infantile wish for an ideal father. While religious leaders called psychotherapists blasphemous, burned their books and accused them of undermining sacred values. Yet, put aside their differing theoretical frameworks, and […]

Enjoy Therapy? Want to Be a Therapist? 5 Signs You’d Be Great at It

Personality traits that every therapist needs. For nearly 25 years, people in my office have shared their secrets, their fears, and their hopes. They’ve confessed wrongs, explored love and relationships, worked through childhood traumas, explored dreams and nightmares; some lasted a few sessions, others stayed for years. Every now and then, a person asks me, […]

When Therapists and Patients Fall in Love

Freud wrote “Analysis is, in essence, a cure through love.” What did he mean? You share your dreams, fantasies, and longings; unearth your ambitions and passions, and spill your deepest, darkest secrets, while your therapist listens intently, captivated, hanging on your every sigh. After such cozy and intimate attention, many people are left wondering: “Are […]

Does Your Friendship Pass the Test?

Recently, I met up with one of my best pals. Like many old friends, we share a secret language, referring to events and situations with a single word or glance. A raised eyebrow, a sideways look, the phrase, “Tell me, are your bananas fresh?” and we erupt in fits of laughter as others look on […]

Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places? How to Break the Broken Heart Habit

By Sean Grover, LCSW Last summer, I attended a concert by a famed singer-song writer. When he took command of the stage, you knew you were in the hands of an old pro; someone who had spent a lifetime in the spotlight. But as the concert unfolded, I started to feel distracted; his many bows […]

Is Your Therapist Helping Your Enough?

Beyond the Honeymoon with Your Therapist Is your weekly appointment just a time to vent? What do you do when your therapy seems to be going nowhere? Chances are you came to therapy because you wanted something – something you felt you couldn’t achieve on your own. You were unhappy or discouraged; maybe you felt […]

Where Do You Store Tension in Your Body?

That tension you feel in your neck? It has more meaning that you think, It was a moment that changed my life. It was about twenty years ago, and I was a patient in a therapy group led by Dr. Louis Ormont, a pioneer of American group therapy. I was discussing the devastating death of […]

Are You Attuned to Emotions?

The Secret World of Emotions & Attunement When your radio’s tuned properly to your favorite station, the broadcast comes in loud and clear. Without any static or overlap of frequencies, you relax and enjoy the music or the program. When your favorite love song is played on a well-tuned instrument, you’re delighted. You listen without […]

The Loneliness of the People Pleaser

When someone asks you a favor, do you readily agree and later regret it? Perhaps you say yes when you really wanted to say no? Afterward, do you feel victimized, lament your decision, or bemoan your fate? If you answered yes to the questions above, congratulations—you’re a people pleaser. You go out of your way […]

Why Do You Avoid Conflicts?

Conflicts are a Natural Part of all Healthy Relationships When faced with conflicts in relationships, do you suffer from the Triple A’s: apologizing, agreeing, and accommodating? Under pressure, are you more likely to compromise or hide your true feelings behind a tense smile or nervous laugh? And afterward, are you still fretting over the situation? […]