Guidelines for New Group Members

Welcome to Group! The transformative power of group lies in its focus on the here and now. Rather than investigate your history, group therapy focuses exclusively on relationships. During group you will be directed to tune into your thoughts and feelings in the moment, particularly the feelings you experience toward your fellow group members. To […]

3 Ways Group Therapy is Better Than Individual Therapy

A backstage pass to group process. Are you cycling through the same old relationship problems and making the same mistakes over and over again? Individual therapy is ideal for helping you understand your history, fears, and insecurities. It offers an exciting chance to explore how your past influences your present. However, if you’re seeking to establishing more […]

Are You Emotionally Attuned?

by Sean Grover The Secret World of Emotional Attunement When your radio’s tuned properly to your favorite station, the broadcast comes in loud and clear. Without any static or overlap of frequencies, you relax and enjoy the music or the program. When your favorite love song is played on a well-tuned instrument, you’re delighted. You […]

The Loneliness of the People Pleaser

By Sean Grover When someone asks you a favor, do you readily agree and later regret it? Perhaps you say yes, when you really wanted to say no? Afterward, do you feel victimized, lament your decision, or bemoan your fate? If you answered yes to the questions above, congratulations—you’re a people pleaser. You go out […]

The Group Therapy Contract

A backstage pass to group process By Sean Grover When it comes to establishing more intimate and enduring relationships, individual therapy can help you understand your history and influences, however, is that enough to open new pathways to relationships?  What if you still find yourself cycling through the same old relationship problems, making the same […]

Therapy Secrets: What Happens In Group Therapy?

The Express Lane to Rewarding Relationships By Sean Grover Everyone yearns for loving, positive relationships. Yet for many adults, stable companions continue to be out of reach; friends come and go, romances fall apart, and family members remain at odds with one another. Why do some people have healthy, flourishing relationships while others do not? […]

Why Choose Group Therapy for Your Teenager?

Need to overcome social problems? You can’t beat the power of group. By Sean Grover Individual therapy is a wonderful tool for helping kids understand their fears, improve their moods, and explore their feelings. But why do so many teens with social problems fail to benefit from individual therapy? Group vs. Individual Therapy Individual therapy […]

What’s so Funny?” The Group Leader’s Uses of Humor in Adolescent Groups

For a detailed look at how what happens in Teen Group Therapy, this article can be found in 101 Interventions in Group Therapy by Simon Fehr, S. (Ed.) (2008). New York: Routledge, 577 pp.