Guidelines for New Group Therapy Members

Welcome to Group Therapy!

The transformative power of group therapy lies in its focus on the here and now. Rather than investigate your history, group therapy focuses exclusively on relationships. During sessions, you will be directed to tune into your thoughts and feelings in the moment, particularly the feelings you experience toward your fellow group members.

To enrich your way of communicating and connecting with others, in group therapy you’ll be encouraged to:

  • Voice your thoughts and feelings toward fellow group members.
  • Share any associations or memories brought to light by relationships in the group.
  • Respond candidly to group members responses to you.
  • Express frustrating feelings maturely, refraining from verbal attacks.
  • Strive to take emotional risks; step outside your comfort zone.

A consistent and structured environment is maintained in group. Toward this end, group members are directed to:

  • Refrain from outside social contact with group members.
  • Respect confidentiality.
  • Arrive to sessions on time.
  • Pay for sessions on time.
  • Attend sessions with minimal absences.

To ensure maximum emotional freedom with your group therapist, you’re also encouraged to:

  • Express feelings toward the therapist (i.e. frustration, anger, affection, etc.).
  • Voice fears and concerns about the group to the therapist.
  • Reach out for help or direction from the therapist as needed.

Group Therapy: Schedule, Attendance & Billing

For group to be effective, consistent attendance is essential. Group members are permitted two excused absences per year (Sept.-August). Excused absences require 24-hour advance notice. All other absences will be charged.

For an up to date schedule of weekly therapy groups visit:

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