• IS 289, Parent Workshop, Friday, March 16, 9am
  • Ethan Bearman Radio Show, Guest, March 13, 1:30pm
  • Matt Townsend Radio Show, Guest, March 9, 10:20am
  • PS 3, Parenting Workshop, Tues, March 6, 840am
  • Academy for Software Engineering, Parent Wkp, Weds, Feb 28 6pm
  • Washington Square Inst., TALKING CURE, Thurs, Jan 18, 8pm
  • SALK Middle School, Parent Workshop, Tues, Jan. 23, 8am
  • Peck Slip School, Parent Workshop, Tues, Jan 30, 8:30am
  • Peck Slip School, Parent Workshop, Fri, Feb 2, 8:30am
  • Brooklyn Tech HS, Parent Workshop, Sat. Feb. 3, 9am
  • The Good Dad Project, Podcast Guest, Fri, Feb 2, 2pm
  • Spruce Street School, Parent Workshop, Tues, Feb. 13, 8:45am
  • Lower Manhattan Community, Parent Wkshp, Wed., Feb. 14, 8:45am


Ella Baker School, Parent Workshop, Weds, Nov. 29, 6:30pm

Wellesley Mother’s Forum, Parent Wkshop, MA, Tues, Dec. 5th INFO

KGO Radio LIVE, Ethan Bearman, Tues, Dec 14, 4:15pm PLAY CLIP

Brooklyn Latin School, Parent Workshop, Sat. Dec. 16, 10am

The Clinton School, Parent Workshop, Friday, Nov. 3rd, 6pm

Eleanor Roosevelt HS, Career Day Speaker, Friday, Nov. 10, 9am

Bronx Science HS, Parent Workshop, Monday, Nov. 13, 7pm

Fusion Academy, Staff Mtg, Thursday, Nov. 16, 10:30am

THE ATLANTIC, Print Interview, Thurs. Sept. 14, 10am

KGO Radio LIVE, Ethan Bearman Show, Weds, Sept. 19, 4:15pm PLAY CLIP 

New York University, Seminar for MSW’s, Friday Oct 6th, 4pm REGISTER

Academy for Software Engineering, Parent Wkshop, Weds, Oct. 18, 6pm

Solstice East, Parent Workshop, Weds-Fri, Oct. 25-26

North Shore Child & Family Guidance, Parent Wkshp, Fri, Oct. 20, 9am 

WebTalkRadio, Podcast Interview,  Friday, July 28, 3pm

NYU Alumni Office, Staff Mtg, Thurs, July 27th, 9:45am

Inter-care: Manhattan Detox, Staff Meeting, Weds. July 12, 2:45pm

The Yellin Learning Center, Staff Meeting, Tues, June 27th, 9:45

Documentary Interview,  June 26th, Mon., 12-2:30pm

Nest+M Middle School, Parent Workshop, Tues, June 6, 7:15 pm

Realization Center, Teen Drug Tx Prog. Staff Mtg, Tues, May 30, 11am

Wall Street Journal, Interview, Fri, May 5th, 11:30am

The Clinton School, Parent Workshop, Fri, May 5th, 6pm

Ethan Bearman Radio Show, Guest, KGO-810, Mon., May 7, 11:15am

Peck Slip School, Pre-K to 3rd Grade: Parent Workshop, Fri, May 12, 8:30am

Brooklyn Latin High School, Parent Workshop, Sat. April 22, 10am

Manhattan Youth Center, Parent Workshop, Thurs. April 27th, 6pm TICKETS

Spruce St. Sch, Parent Workshop, Weds. Feb. 28, 8:45am

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Com. Cent, Fri, March 31 Staff Mtg

Arms Acres, Adolescent Program, Staff Mtg, Monday, March 20th, 9am

The Center for Living, Adolescent Program, Staff Mtg, Weds, March 15th, 9am

Bellevue Hospital, Adolescent Program, Staff Mtg, Thurs. March 16th, 12pm

Academy for Software Engineering, Parent Wkshop, Weds, March 15, 6pm

American Grp Psychotherapy National Conf., Seminar, Sat, March 11, 9am

Lab Middle School NYC, Parent Workshop, Weds, March 22, 8:30am

Break-Through NYC, Parent Workshop, Fri. March 31, 6:30pm

Hudson Guild Theater, THE TALKING CURE, Jan 26-29th

IS 289, Screening & Discussion of the film SCREENAGERS, Fri, Feb. 3, 6pm

LaGuardia High School, Parent Workshop, Tuesday, Feb. 7, 7pm

Tune-In Radio, EBG, LIVE interview, Friday, Jan, 6, 10:28am

Yorkville Community School, Parent Workshop, Tues, Jan 17, 9am

Lower Manhattan Community Sch, Parent Wkshop Weds, Jan. 18, 8:40am

Bard HS/Early College, Queens, Parent Workshop, Thurs, Jan. 19, 8:45am


Beacon High School, Parent Workshop, Thurs, Dec. 15, 6:16pm

KGO Radio, San Francisco, LIVE, Friday, Dec. 16, 4:15pm PLAY CLIP

Eleanor Roosevelt HS, Parent Workshop, Thur, Dec. 1, 9am

Bronx Science HS, Parent Workshop, Tues, Oct. 18, 7pm

Peck Slip School, Parent Workshop, Oct. 27, 8:30am

Clinton High School, Parent Workshop, Fri, Nov 4. 8:30am

Columbia Day Treatment Program , Mon., Nov. 14, 10:15am

State Theater, Stamford Conn. Parent Wkshop, Thurs, Nov. 16, 7:30pm

Eastern Group Psychotherapy Conf., Clinical Seminar, Fri/Sat Nov. 18/19

Columbia University Medical Center, Program Visit, Thurs, Sept 15

Long Island Consultation Center, Clinical Seminar, Fri, Sept. 16

E-Street Cinema, Wash. DC,  Parenting Panel, Weds, Sept 21, 6pm

Private Training Seminar, Sat, Sept. 24, 3:30pm

Williamsburg Charter HS, Clinical Seminar, Fri, Aug. 26

IS289, Parent Workshop & Film, Fri, June 17, 6pm

Spruce St. School, Parent Workshop, Thurs. May 12, 6:30pm

Manhattan Youth, Parent Workshop, Tues. May 17, 6pm SOLD OUT

Baruch HS, Parent Workshop, Thurs. May 19, 9am

Williamsburg Charter HS, Parent Workshop & Film, Thurs. May 26, 9am

Williamsburg Charter HS, Clinical Training Seminar, Thurs. March 10, 9am

Washington Sq Institute, Clinical Training Seminar, Fri. March 18, 7pm

Eleanor Roosevelt HS, Parenting Workshop, Weds. March 30, 9am

LaGuardia Art High School, Parent Workshop, Tues, Feb. 2, 7:15pm

Williamsburg Charter HS, Parent Workshop, Thurs. Feb 11, 9am

Breakthrough NY Parents, Parent Workshop, Fri. Jan 22, 6:30pm

Lower Manhattan Community School, Parent Workshop, Tues. Jan 20, 8am

Washington Sq Institute, Clinical Lecture Series, Thurs. Jan. 28, 8:30pm

Peck Slip School, Parent Workshop, Fri., Jan. 29, 8:20 am

UFT Staff Training, Group Therapy Workshop, Mon. Jan 11, 9:45am

Williamsburg Charter School, Parent Workshop, Thurs. Jan 14, 9am

IS 89, Parent Workshop, Friday, Jan. 15, 8:45 am


Bronx Science HS, Parent Workshop, Tues. Dec. 15, 7pm

Peck Slip School, Parent Workshop, Fri, Dec 4, 8am

Spruce Street School, Parent Workshop, Weds, Dec. 9th, 8am

Williamsburg Charter School, Parent Workshop, Thurs. Nov 12, 9am

Beacon High School, Parent Workshop, Tues. Nov. 17th, 6:30pm

Riverside Church, EGPS Conf., Sat Nov. 21, 2pm

Salk Middle School, Parent Workshop, Wed. Oct 28, 8am

Clinton Middle School, Parent Workshop, Wed. Oct 28, 6pm

North Shore Child & Family Guidance Center, Parent Workshop, Fri., Oct. 23, 10am-12

Private Staff Training, Oct. 12th, 11am

Newsday Interview, Thurs, Oct. 8th

Bard High School Early College, Parent Workshop, Oct. 6, 8am

SGI Buddhist Center, Training Workshop, Sat, Oct. 3rd, 10am

Eastern Group Psychotherapy Society, Training Workshop, Fri, Oct 2, 6pm

George L. Egbert Intermediate School, Parent Workshop, Friday, Sept. 18, 8am

Red Bar Brasserie, South Hampton, Book Signing, Sat. Sept. 19, 4-5:30pm

Harbor Books, Sag Harbor, Book Signing, Fri, Aug 28, 6pm

Talk of the Town, Rifkin Radio, Interview, Fri. Aug 21 11:30am

Today Show, Guest, Air Date July 28, 8:30am

1010 WINS Radio Barb DiGiulio Show, Interview, July 24th,

Meiji Gakuin University, Parent Workshop, Tokyo Japan, July 17, 6:30pm

The New School, Staff Training, Mon., June 29th, 1-3pm

Hubbub Festival Boston, Parent Workshop, Sat., June 20th, 1:45pm INFO

Positive Parenting with Armin Brott, Interview, KOIT-FM in San Francisco, June 19th

Parenting with a Story by Paul Smith PLAY PODCAST June 12th

Manhattan Youth BOOK LAUNCH, Weds., June 3rd, 6:30pm SOLD OUT

LAB High School,Parent Workshop, Tues., May 19th, 6pm

The Bill Santiago Show, SiriusXM Radio, Weds, May 20, 8pm, Channel 154, 8-9pm Eastern

NEST + M, Parent Workshop, Thus., April 30th, 9am

High School of American Studies, Parent Workshop, Fri. May 8th

Old Stone House, Book Event, Brooklyn, May 12th, 8pm INFO

Williamsburg Charter, Parent Workshop, Tues.,  March 31st, 9am

LAB Middle School, Parent Workshop, Weds, Feb. 25, 6pm

Williamsburg Charter, Parent Workshop, Tues, Feb. 10, 6pm

IS289, Parent Workshop, Thurs., Feb. 5, 8:30am

Harvest Collegiate, Parent Workshop, Thurs. Feb. 5, 5:30 pm

Special Music School, Parent Workshop, Fri, Jan 30, 6pm

Lower Manhat. Community Sch., Parent Workshop,Weds, Jan. 21, 8:30am

Millenium HS, Parent Workshop, Weds, Jan. 14, 8:30am

Quest to Learn, Parent Workshop, Mon, Jan 12, 6pm


Beacon High School, Thurs., Nov. 20, 6:30pm

A.R.T. NY, Brookyln, Fri, Nov. 21, 6:30pm

Special Music SchoolParent Wkshop, Tues., Nov. 11, 6:30pm

Egbert Interm. Sch.Parent Wkshop, Staten Is., Thurs., Nov. 13, 9am

Eleanor Roosevelt High School, Career Day, Friday, Nov. 7, 8:30am

Salk School of ScienceParent Wkshop, Weds., Oct. 29, 8am

Lab Middle School, Adjusting to Middle School, Weds., Oct. 15, 6:15pm

Manhattan YouthStaff Development, Fri., Oct. 17, 12:30

O.H.R., Staff Development, Wed., Oct. 8, 8:30 am

Quest to Learn SchoolBullied Parent Wkshop, May 13, 7pm

Staten Island Tech: Parent Wkshop, May 9, 6pm

Hazelden: Tribeca Program: Staff Mtg, April 25, 11am 

Manhattan Youth Center: Parent Wkshop, April 2nd, SOLD OUT 

NYC Lab School for Collaborative Studies (High Sch): Parent Workshop, March 18, 6pm 

Beacon High School:  Parenting Workshop: March 19, 2014, 6pm 

Lower Manhattan Community Middle School: Parenting Wkshop, Feb. 26, 2014, 8:30 am

High School of American Studies @ Lehman CollegeParenting Workshop, March 3, 2014, 7pm

Millennium High School: Parenting Workshop: The Bullied Parent, January 15, 2014, 8:00 am 


Bard High School Early College:  Parenting WorkshopThe Teen Mind, December  19, 2013 6:00 pm

Harvest Collegiate High SchoolParenting Workshop, The Bullied Parent, December 10, 2013, 9:00 am

NYC iSchoolParenting Workshop, Health Habits, December 2, 2013, 7:30pm

NYC Lab School for Collaborative Studies (Middle Sch): Parent Workshop: Healthy Habits, November 20, 2013, 6:15pm 

Center for Living: Open House, 11/7/13

Robert Louis Stevenson School: Staff Meeting, 10/16/13

Salk School of Science:  Parenting Workshop: The Bullied Parent, October 30, 2013, 8:00 am 

Brooklyn Learning Center: Staff Meeting, 9/13/13

Brooklyn Friends School: Staff Meeting, 9/13/13

NYC Lab School for Collaborative Studies (Middle Sch): Parent Workshop: The Bullied Parent, May 15, 2013 

Beacon High School:  Parenting Workshop: The Bullied Parent, May 21, 2013, 6pm 

Eastside Community High School Parenting Expo: Parent Workshops, The Bullied Parent April 27, 2013, 10am-3pm 

Harvest Collegiate High SchoolParenting Workshop, “What Every Teenager Needs”, April 18, 2013, 8:00am

NYC iSchoolParenting Workshop, The Bullied Parent, April 11th, 6:00pm

The Center for Living, Program Orientation, Wednesday, April 15th, 10:00 am

Central Park East High School: Teen Career Workshop, April 18th, 11:am

Mary McDowell Friends School: Staff Presentation, March 6, 2013, 9:00 am

Inter-Care Foundation: Staff Presentation, 2/16/13

NYC Lab School for Collaborative Studies (High Sch): Parent Workshop, The Bullied Parent, 2/16/13 

Lower Manhattan Community Middle School: Parenting Workshop, What Every Teen Needs, 1/23/13

George L. Egbert School, Staten Island: Parenting Workshop, The Bullied Parent, 1/16/13

Millennium High School: Parenting Workshop, What Every Teen Needs, 1/9/13


Salk School of Science:  Parenting Workshop, The Bullied Parent,  12/19/12

Inter-Care, Program Orientation 12/18/12

Bard High School Early College:  Parenting WorkshopWhat Every Teenager Needs, 12/13/12

Clinton School for Writers and Artists: Parenting Workshop, What Every Teenager Needs, 10/19/12

Brooklyn Learning Center: Staff Presentation 10/2/12

Open Sky Wilderness TherapyProgram Orientation 5/15/12

The Hallowell Center:  Staff Presentation 4/26/12

Manhattan Youth Downtown Community Center: Staff Presentation  4/17/12

Lower Manhattan Community Middle School: Parent Workshop, What Every Teenager Needs,  3/21/12

Eastside Community High School Parenting Expo: Parent Workshops 3/3/12

Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center: Orientation 2/22/12

NYC Child Study Center: Orientation 2/21/12

Child Mind Institute: Orientation, 1/17/12

Millennium High School: Parent Workshop, What Every Teenager Needs,  1/11/12


Summit Achievement: Staff Presentaton , 11/22/11

Salk School of Science:  Parent Workshop, 11/9/11

Bard High School Early College:  Parent Workshop, 10/20/11

FNCC Family Conference: Parent Workshop 8/24/11

Soho Parenting: Staff Presentation 5/6/11

NYC Lab School for Collaborative Studies: Parent Workshop, 3/17/11

SGI-USA New York Culture Center:  Parent Workshop, 2/20/11

New School Counseling Center: Staff Presentation, 1/24/11

United Nations International SchoolStaff Presentation, 1/20/11

Clinton School for Writers and Artists: Parent Workshop, 1/14/11

New Explorations in Science & TechnologyStaff Presentation, 1/10/11