Take the Mystery Out of Your History

Life is full of complications, yet the most stubborn problems that we face are the ones that we generate ourselves. We may engage in self-sabotaging behaviors or search for answers in others. Such choices can only lead us to disappointment.

Therapy works best when you have two things:  the hunger for a better life and an experienced guide. Along the way, you may feel lost or uncertain. At such times, it’s the therapist role to support, challenge and inspire you to make new choices.

Self-mastery takes practice but it’s well worth it. Life is more enjoyable, gratifying and fun when you’re in the driver’s seat. For me, that’s what the journey of therapy is all about. – Sean Grover

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  • THE ATLANTIC, Print Interview, Thurs. Sept. 14, 10am
  • KGO Radio LIVE, Ethan Bearman Show, Weds, Sept. 19, 4:15pm
  • New York University, Seminar for MSW’s, Friday Oct 6th, 4pm REGISTER
  • Academy for Software Engineering, Parent Wkshop, Weds, Oct. 18, 6pm
  • Solstice East, Parent Workshop, Weds-Fri, Oct. 25-26
  • North Shore Child & Family Guidance, Parent Wkshp, Fri, Oct. 20, 9am 
  • The Clinton School, Parent Workshop, Friday, Nov. 3rd, 8:30am
  • Bronx Science HS, Parent Workshop, Monday, Nov. 13, 6pm
  • Wellesley Mother’s Forum, Parent Workshop, MA, Tues, Dec. 5th
  • Brooklyn Latin School, Parent Workshop, Dec. TBA
  • Lower Manhattan Community, Parent Wkshp, Wed., Jan. 10, 8:30am
  • Washington Square Institute, Training Seminar, Thurs, Jan 18, *pm
  • Peck Slip School, 4th Grade: Parent Workshop, TBA
  • The Family Couch, YouTube Parenting Series, GUEST, TBA


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Book Reviews:

  • “Grover offers tools to regain a balance of power so that the parent takes back the upper hand needed for effective parenting…” PsychCentral, September 2015
  • “This isn’t one of these parenting books with a simple, easy-to-apply, one-size-fits-all solution…The main point: The route to a happier, bullying-free home runs through your own psyche.” MomZette, July 2015 
  • “Psychotherapist Grover pulls no punches in this parenting manual…[his] empowering, motivating approach is highly compassionate to suffering, burnt-out parents without letting them off the hook for becoming self-aware adults who can make consciously better choices for themselves and their children.” Publishers Weekly, Editor’s Pick, Best New Non-Fiction, April 2015


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The Talking Cure

  • Written by Sean Grover, Directed by Alan Wynroth, presented by the New York Theater WinterFest, Nominated for  BEST PLAY, Hudson Guild Theater SOLD OUT  “Mr. Grover’s writing cuts right to the heart of America.” Time Square Chronicles. For Additional Information CLICK HERE PHOTO

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