Sean Grover Reviews – Workshops

Reviews of Sean Grover Parenting Workshops

“Thank you so much…your talk was incredibly informative…our whole child committee is going to order your book in bulk.” Nest+M High School, Stephanie Glasgall, Guidance Dept.

“From the minute I got to school today, I heard rave reviews from our staff about your presentation. What an amazingly thought-provoking evening.” JCC Sara Walker Nursery School, Sandi Waldstreicher, Educational Coordinator.

“Your “Five Things Every Teenager Needs” workshop for our PTA meeting…Rave reviews from our parents …Sean Grover was insightful, intelligent, warm…He made us all feel as if we are not crazy to be frustrated and that we can really help our kids (and ourselves).” Lower Manhattan Community School, Kate Harrison, VP Exec Bd PTA

“…Thank you for your wonderful presentation at our PA meeting last week. The lively discussion you led brought both tears, laughter and great reviews! We are so grateful for your caring, thought-provoking comments, insight and counsel.”   Millennium High School, Angela Benfield Parents’ Association

“Thanks so much for coming and spending time with our staff. I was struck by your warmth and ability to put people at ease. Your knowledge and mastery of the literature on group therapy is obvious …a testament to your creativity and intelligence. ” Brooklyn Learning Center, Amy Margolis, Ph.D. President & Director

“Your time and your insights are INVALUABLE! On each occasion that I have had the opportunity to hear you speak, I learn something new. Consistently I leave the experience feeling clarity’about the complicated path of parenting. On behalf of the PTA and the parent community, we are very grateful!” Quest to Learn, Heather Church, PTA Co-President

“The reviews are in! It was a wonderful, thought-provoking, honest and compassionate event….Every parent left feeling refreshed and very positive…Sean Grover, thank you for your humor and for your wisdom.” Harvest High School, Tildabeth Doscher, MD

“We had many speakers this year, and your presentation was by far the most dynamic and impactful of all of them. I loved the way you made us get in a circle, and the way you had your talking points at first, but quickly took questions and led a very lively conversation. It did not feel that we were being lectured to at all, and yet your instructions and messages were crystal clear.” Beacon High School, Nica Lalli, Parent Association President

“Sean Grover delivers again! Sean presents digestible solutions to modern day problems. Thank you for being a panelist for our middle school roundtable. You are generous with your time, experience, and insight. LAB Middle School Debbie White & Joanne Satin Co-PA Presidents

“Sean Grover’s demystifying, no-nonsense approach to parent/teen relationships was well received by parent/guardians. I encourage parent coordinator you to take advantage of his remarkable experience and insights. Clinton School for Writers & Artists, Cindy O’Neill, Parent Coordinator