Issues in Psychoanalytic PsychologySeparation Anxiety in Adolescence:
How To Grow A Healthy Teenager

Issues in Psychoanalytic Psychology, Vol. 38, Pg. 54

Teenagers confront complex feelings toward their parents and find themselves caught in an anxiety-fueled dilemma: the wish to reject or distance themselves while they are unavoidably dependent on them and yearning for their approval. This clash of impulses fuels adolescent separation anxiety.

What is the criteria for a fostering healthy separation-individuation during adolescence? And how parents can support their teenagers wish for greater autonomy and independence?

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Issues in Psychoanalytic Psychology“My Candle Burns at Both Ends, It Will Not Last the Night”
Psychotherapist Burnout: Causes & Cures

Sean Grover, LCSW

Issues in Psychoanalytic Psychology, Vol. 40, Pg.103

Psychotherapists are bombarded with feelings from their patients. Every day in their office they listen to traumatic memories or stories of abuse and neglect; at times, they become the object of negative transference, projections, displacements, or may struggle with their own negative countertransference.

Navigating such burdensome feeling states can exhaust a psychotherapist’s psychic resources and lead to professional burnout.

Understanding the mechanisms of human psychology isn’t enough. The emotional demands of a psychotherapy practice require a strategy for self-care that goes beyond intellectual understanding.

This paper explores the conditions that fuel burnout, and how psychotherapists can guard against it, through an examination of the play THE TALKING CURE.