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On-site parenting workshops are available for parent associations, clinics, youth centers, and employee enrichment programs. Each workshop opens with a discussion of the emotional life of teenagers and is followed by a forty-five minute question and answer session. (Workshop Photo’s) You may request a custom workshop or choose from the following.


Teens & Technology: How to Manage Tech Time at Home

Technology without supervision is not healthy for any young person. Like any addiction, as dependency increases, personal functioning decreases. Kids become more impulsive, moody, or suffer sleep disorders. As hunger for more tech time grows, clashes with parents increase. Setting limits on unhealthy behaviors is a crucial part of good parenting. Taking the role of “guardian of technology” may make you unpopular with your kid, but it is key to preventing tech addiction tendencies. (See the article “Is Your Kid a Tech Addict?”)

“Sean Grover delivers again!  Sean presents digestible solutions to modern day problems. His article “Is Your Kid a Tech Addict?” helps put into perspective healthy parameters for all parents.” Debbie White and Joanne Satin, Lab School, Co-PA Presidents


When Kids Call the Shots: Stop Being a Bullied Parent 

Children who boss their parents suffer emotional, social and academic problems. This workshop teaches bullied parents to stop surrendering their parenting role to their children and better manage their own fears and anxieties by providing stronger leadership in their family. (VIDEO)

“Sean Grover gives workshops in schools around New York City on the topic “The Bullied Parent” where parents can be seen weeping in recognition as he describes families where kids are in charge, mocking their parents, criticizing them and making demands.”  ASSOCIATED PRESS 10/13


Adolescence 101: What Every Teenager Needs

What is normal teenage behavior? Is there such a thing? This workshop highlights the phases of adolescent development and helps parents to better manage this volatile and unstable period.

“The parents left raving about your session. It was such a great experience. I completely understand why teens would be comfortable talking to you! We would love to have you back. ” Erin Reese, Co-Vice President PTA, Lower Manhattan Community School


Developing Healthy Habits in Teenagers

If your household is an emotional battle ground filled with arguments around homework, chores, curfews, etc. it’s time to hit the pause button and explore why your parenting isn’t getting better results. This workshop teaches parents to stop lecturing and start leading their children to healthier habits. (VIDEO)

“Thank you for your wonderful presentation at our PA meeting last week. The lively discussion you led brought both tears and laughter!  We are so grateful for your caring, thought-provoking comments, insight and counsel. ” Angela Benfield, Millennium High School Parents’ Association

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