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6 Ways to Talk with Your Kids About Money

New book highlights parents’ role in preparing their children to manage money Will your children know how to save money? Who will teach them to budget? How will they manage their money when you’re not doing it for them? Kimberly Palmer, author of the exciting new book SMART MOM, RICH MOM: How to Build Wealth […]

5 Disastrous Summer Vacation Plans Parents Should Avoid

When planning your getaway, it’s not the place, but the heart that matters most The classroom clock ticks. Tongues click, feet tap, and the ever-present calendar on the wall beckons students’ wandering eyes. Soon, very soon, the two words most beloved by children and fretted by parents, will be unleashed into the sun-drenched world. Two […]

4 Reasons Why Bad Marriages Are Worse for Kids Than Divorce

When marriages turn toxic, divorce can actually help kids. When I was a kid, divorced parents were given the evil eye. Heads shook, tongues clicked; divorcees were home-wreckers, selfish and unloving, they destroyed children’s lives. Some churches banned them from services—apparently, even God wasn’t a fan. The message to married couples: Keep your family intact […]

When Therapists and Patients Fall in Love

Freud wrote “Analysis is, in essence, a cure through love.” What did he mean? You share your dreams, fantasies, and longings; unearth your ambitions and passions, and spill your deepest, darkest secrets, while your therapist listens intently, captivated, hanging on your every sigh. After such cozy and intimate attention, many people are left wondering: “Are […]

Why Do the Blues Feel So Good?

Soul singer Bobby Harden explains why singing the blues is good for you Broke, broken hearted, or betrayed? Don’t fret, there’s a blues song for every hardship in life. But did you know that singing the blues is actually good for you? Earlier this year I caught legendary soul singer Bobby Harden in his recent […]

How Parents Can Make Their Kids Experts in Happiness

Is your kid’s happiness short lived or long lasting? Admit it, you love to see your kid happy; your home is filled with smiling photos grinning from your computer screen, book shelves, even your refrigerator door. Everyone wants to raise a happy child. But when it comes to raising children, are all forms of happiness […]

5 Questions for Kids Fearful of Trying New Things

Bestselling author Paul Smith teaches parents how to encourage hesitant children Bestselling author Paul Smith knows a lot of ways of encouraging hesitant kids, 101 ways to be precise. In his book PARENTING WITH A STORY, Paul documents 101 inspiring lessons to help kids build the kind of character that they and their parents can […]