How to Age Without Growing Old

By Sean Grover, LCSW When the late-great Grandma Grover turned 85 years old, she received an upsetting notice in the mail; she was ordered to surrender her driver’s license. She was regretfully informed that, due to her age, she was no longer eligible to drive. Exasperated, she wrote a letter the motor vehicle department director. […]

Where Do You Store Tension in Your Body?

By Sean Grover It was a moment that changed my life. It was about twenty years ago, and I was a patient in a therapy group lead by Dr. Louis Ormont, a pioneer of American group therapy. I was discussing the devastating death of a close friend and the despair I felt. I was in […]

The Acupuncturist & the Shrink

An Interview with Marianne Fuenmayor by Sean Grover “How do you feel?” Oh brother! After twenty years of asking that question to my psychotherapy patients, I guess I had it coming to me. My situation is a little precarious. At the moment, I’m lying face down on an acupuncture table with more than a dozen […]

Psychotherapy & Yoga

Just what the doctor ordered  An Interview with Yoga Teacher Neta Katz By Sean Grover Here’s a secret that none of my patients know: in the past, I sat through sessions with an ice-pack or heating pad strapped to my lower back, discreetly tucked under my suit jacket. A back injury had made it difficult […]