9 Ways to Cure Your Own Depression

It’s easier than you think. Whether it tumbles down on you on gloomy days or is triggered by a disappointment or loss, depression is an unwelcome guest in every home. But before we cure it, let’s consider where it may be coming from. Defining Depression Many folks confuse sadness with depression. Sadness is a natural […]

Do Your Friendships Pass the Test?

By Sean Grover, LCSW Do your friendships energize and inspire you, or burden and drain you? Recently, I met up with one of my best pals. Like many old friends, we share a secret language, referring to events and situations with a single word or glance. A raised eyebrow, a sideways look, the phrase, “Tell […]

Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places? How to Break the Broken Heart Habit

By Sean Grover, LCSW Last summer, I attended a concert by a famed singer-song writer. When he took command of the stage, you knew you were in the hands of an old pro; someone who had spent a lifetime in the spotlight. But as the concert unfolded, I started to feel distracted; his many bows […]

Do You Resent Happy People?

Once upon a time there was a bird that lived in a cage in dark shadowy room; then one day his cage was moved outside. For the first time he see birds flying free. He watches them dive through the air, sing and play; he sees small birds wrestling in trees, large birds cooing and […]

How to Stop Being Self-Critical

By Sean Grover Have you even wanted to try something new and a voice inside you says, “Who do you think you are? You can’t do that.” So you give up without even trying? Critical inner voices are a major driving force behind all types of depression and anxiety; those annoying inner detractors condemn and […]

What is Your Depression Trying to Tell You?

What your depression is trying to tell you By Sean Grover Depression. What a depressing subject! What an unwelcome guest! Whether it tumbles down on us out of the blue or is triggered by disappointment or loss, it’s surely a miserable experience. And the fact that it revisits us again and again only makes it […]