Do Your Friendships Pass the Test?

By Sean Grover, LCSW Do your friendships energize and inspire you, or burden and drain you? Recently, I met up with one of my best pals. Like many old friends, we share a secret language, referring to events and situations with a single word or glance. A raised eyebrow, a sideways look, the phrase, “Tell […]

Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places? How to Break the Broken Heart Habit

By Sean Grover, LCSW Last summer, I attended a concert by a famed singer-song writer. When he took command of the stage, you knew you were in the hands of an old pro; someone who had spent a lifetime in the spotlight. But as the concert unfolded, I started to feel distracted; his many bows […]

The Holiday Survival Kit: How to Manage Your In-Laws

Why holidays are a financial bonanza for psychotherapists. If you adore your in-laws and delight in their company, consider yourself one of the lucky ones and read no further. But if the thought of spending time with your partner’s family has you activating your body armor and bracing for impact—then this article is for you. […]

Are You Emotionally Attuned?

by Sean Grover The Secret World of Emotional Attunement When your radio’s tuned properly to your favorite station, the broadcast comes in loud and clear. Without any static or overlap of frequencies, you relax and enjoy the music or the program. When your favorite love song is played on a well-tuned instrument, you’re delighted. You […]

The Loneliness of the People Pleaser

By Sean Grover When someone asks you a favor, do you readily agree and later regret it? Perhaps you say yes, when you really wanted to say no? Afterward, do you feel victimized, lament your decision, or bemoan your fate? If you answered yes to the questions above, congratulations—you’re a people pleaser. You go out […]

Why Do You Avoid Conflicts?

By Sean Grover  When faced with a conflict, do you suffer from the Triple A’s: apologizing, agreeing, and accommodating? Under pressure, are you more likely to compromise or hide your true feelings behind a tense smile or nervous laugh? And afterward, are you still fretting over the situation? If you answered yes to any of […]

How to Resolve Your Fear of Intimacy

Spending too much time alone? Here are a few things to consider. By Sean Grover Sure, intimate relationships improve your life—but do you know they also extend it? In an article in the New York Times by Jane E. Brody, “Forging Social Connections for a Longer Life,” study after study found that people in intimate […]

Hate Me in a More Loving Way: A Couple’s Guided to Better Arguing

By Sean Grover Years ago, I worked with married couple who never tired of yelling at each other. In fact, their full-throated shouting matches became legendary at the psychotherapy institute I worked at and earned me many complaints from my neighbors. Week after week, they tore into each other with such ferocity that I felt […]