3 Reasons Why Parents Let Their Kids Bully Them

Patterns formed in childhood that are especially hard to break. After listening to many bullied parents’ stories in my psychotherapy office, I began to recognize many shared experiences. Although bullied parents come from various cultures and communities, I’ve identified the three most common scenarios that enable kids to bully their parents. The parents most likely […]

Three Signs Your Teen Needs Therapy

How to tell the difference between teen angst and more serious conditions. Some kids pass through adolescence swiftly, with little turmoil. For others, puberty detonates like a time bomb; once it goes off, nothing is the same. As a psychotherapist, I’ve sat with many brokenhearted parents as they agonize over their teen’s behavior, mystified by […]

7 Best Parenting Tools for Raising Teens in New York City

The ultimate resource guide for city parents. New York City can a teenager’s dream — and a parent’s nightmare. A massive playground with endless possibilities, and unforeseen hazards. At my New York City Parenting Workshops, parents of teenagers inevitably appear the most stressed out. Who can blame them? Compare NYC to other US cities and […]

3 Mistakes Parents Make with Technology

1. Not Setting Limits Can you believe that there was a time when people didn’t spend hours of their day staring into glowing screens? Phones never left the house, television put itself to sleep at night, and computers were just fancy typewriters. Technology didn’t come with you to the playground, school or on a family […]

7 Positive Ways to Help Kids Manage Disappointment

Turn Disappointment into a Springboard for Growth As a parent you never want to see your child experience pain. Pain can occur both physically and emotionally—both are equally challenging. One of the most difficult experiences for a child is disappointment. Children can be very enthusiastic, looking forward to events, activities or achievements. When their hopes […]

4 Ways Altruism Produces Happy and Empowered Children

What’s missing from your kid’s life could make all the difference. During my twenty years as a psychotherapist working with young people and their parents, I’ve witnessed certain youth make sudden leaps in maturity that catapulted them far ahead of their peers. In fact, their amplified sense of well-being astonished me and their parents. What was […]

Separation Anxiety in Adolescence: How to Grow A Healthy Teenager

by Sean Grover, LCSW Published in ISSUES IN PSYCHOANALYTIC PSYCHOLOGY, 2016, Vol. 28, Pg. 52 Teenagers confront complex feelings toward their parents and find themselves caught in an anxiety-fueled dilemma: the wish to reject or distance themselves while they are unavoidably dependent on them and yearning for their approval. This clash of impulses fuels adolescent […]

Top Ten BEST Parenting Qualities

One of the oldest learn-as-you-go occupations may also be the toughest to master. By Sean Grover Good parenting rarely comes naturally; it takes years of hard work, and even then we all make mistakes. Parenting tests you on every level: emotionally, physically, financially, even spiritually. Though there are no short cuts to good parenting, there are […]

Parents Most Likely to Be Bullied by Their Kids

Excerpt from WHEN KIDS CALL THE SHOTS, Chapter Three: How we become our kids’ victims Over the years, as I listened to bullied parents’ stories, I began to recognize many common experiences. Though bullied parents come from difficult cultures and communities, I’ve identified the three most common scenarios that contribute to parents allowing their kids to […]

3 Steps to Defusing Conflicts with Your Kid

Excerpt from WHEN KIDS CALL THE SHOTS, Chapter Three: How we become our kids’ victims It’s the end of a long day. You’ve just arrived home from work, completely pooped. You flip on the TV, collapse on the sofa, and catch the end of your favorite program. You savor this quiet time. Just then, your kid […]