Parents Can Be Arrested For Their Kid’s House Party

Picture this: You and your partner are enjoying dinner at your favorite restaurant and savoring quality kid-free time together. Meanwhile, your teenager invites friends over and they bring alcohol, marijuana or other drugs into your home to share. Perhaps your kid generously opens your liquor cabinet and they help themselves to your favorite booze. Believe […]

How Parents Can Empower Their Daughters

What can we do to help empower our daughters in today’s world? How can we help them to develop self-worth? What can we do to help empower our daughters in today’s world? How can we help them to develop self-worth? I sat down with Yoon Im Kane, a Yale-trained psychotherapist and the founder & executive […]

The Blueprint for Raising a Happy, Resilient Child

What does a child need to be happy? Many years ago, UK’s favorite parenting expert Sue Atkins wondered: Why do some children become ‘successful’ in life and others don’t? She concluded that the children who succeed have close relationships with others (particularly their immediate family), feel valued, and have a sense of control over their […]

Teens Sharing Drugs Can Be Convicted As “Drug Dealers”

Parents beware, your kid could end up in jail. It’s a situation that happens daily throughout the country. Teens meet after school in local parks, homes or at parties to get high together. Thanks to advances in technology, such as cell phones, the Internet and social media, obtaining illegal substances has never been easier. In […]

5 Bedtime Routines Every Kid Needs

Struggling during bedtime? Are mornings full of chaos and panic? I sat down with parenting guru Amanda Houle, founder of Parenting with a Punch and host of the Parenting with a Punch podcast. Amanda provides straightforward and effective strategies for parents and couples who are struggling with their kids. Here’s what she had to say: […]

Is Parenting Burnout Destroying Your Marriage?

Why do so many couples unravel while parenting? Why do so many marriages self-destruct? Of the kinds of parenting dilemmas I see in my office, parent burnout is among the most common and unrecognized. Remarkably, most parents don’t even realize they’re suffering from it. Ask these parents when was the last time they took a […]

5 Warning Signs Your Teenager May Be Using Drugs

Figuring out whether or not your teenager is using drugs can be a challenge. I sat down with Holly Holloway from MedMark Treatment Centers to discuss what concerned parents can do. Holly works to help spread awareness and end the stigma of addiction. Here’s what she had to say: Young adults deal with many physical […]

The Best Technology-Screen Time Contract For Kids

Battles over screen time disrupt families every day. Eavesdrop on most homes and you’re likely to hear: “Put your phone down!” “Turn the computer off!” “Stop texting!” Parents without screen time contracts are frustrated and concerned for their kids—and they should be. Numerous studies have suggested that unlimited use of technology can have a negative […]

Parents Beware of Gift Giving Gone Wild!

Parents love giving their kids gifts during the holidays, but what happens when they give too much? Overindulging children is a common parenting blunder that always backfires and turns little darlings into ungrateful bullies who are never satisfied—no matter how much they get. Before you go overboard and shower a child with gifts, consider these […]

3 Signs Your Child has a Learning Disability

Learning Disability 101 Is your child struggling academically? Does helping your kid with homework have you pulling your hair out and begging for mercy? Have epic meltdowns around school become customary? Schoolwork can be difficult, but it shouldn’t be torture — for you or your kid. If your child is struggling academically, maybe it’s time […]