The Beacon School

March 19, 2014

Dear Sean,

Thank you so much for coming to speak at The Beacon School this past week.  Your presentation was, in a word, great. The way you spoke to the parents, listened to and answered their questions, and interacted with them was really amazing. These are very sophisticated New York high school parents, and you got them to open up, share and really think about themselves and their kids. This is no small feat, and you made it look like easy.

We had many speakers this year, and your presentation was by far the most dynamic and impactful of all of them. I loved the way you made us get in a circle, and the way you had your talking points at first, but quickly took questions and led a very lively conversation. It did not feel that we were being lectured to at all, and yet your instructions and messages were crystal clear.

In today’s parenting world I do believe that kids often rule. I think that parents have lost the idea of such basic things as structure and limits. You talk really made us think about this, and I have quoted you about a half dozen times since Tuesday! And it is only Friday!

Thanks again for coming and I look forward to you returning next year. I will also buy your book just as soon as it comes up for pre-sale on Amazon. I loved your message and how you asked that we as parents look at ourselves and make changes there as a starting point. What a great way to leave us  – thinking about the changes we might make in ourselves – not just how we want our kids to magically transform before our eyes.

I look forward to working with you more in the future!


Nica Lalli, Beacon Parent Association President

And the PA Executive Board