NYC iSchool

December 2, 2013

Dear Sean,

Thank you for coming to the NYC iSchool PA meeting on April 11th. It was such a pleasure to meet you and I was really pleased you were able to make time for us in you schedule. The meeting was attended by some new faces which is always one of the goals of our PA.

Your subject “When Your Kid is the Boss:The Bullied Parent” resonated with parents and made them feel that they were not alone. Your informal and approachable style made it very easy for parents to feel comfortable speaking openly.The challenges of raising teenagers are more common than many parents think. Your appearance at our meeting brought the community closer. It is so great to be able to offer the parents of our school the expertise of someone of your caliber. I plan to follow up on some of your other workshops that seem equally intriguing.

Thank you again.

Best Regards,

Martine Beudert,  NYC iSchool PA President