Brooklyn Learning Center

October 10, 2012

Dear Sean,

Thanks so much for coming and spending time with our staff. It was very helpful to hear about how you work with students to help them develop confidence and social skills. The work you do is so important. It was particularly helpful to have a chance to talk about some of the kinds of students that we see who might need your groups.

I was struck by your warmth and ability to put people at ease. We all felt so comfortable talking with you about the work we do. Your knowledge and mastery of the literature on group therapy is obvious when you talk about your work, and your ability to draw from this tradition and create a novel treatment is a testament to your creativity and intelligence. The way you organize your practice and the things you have added to your groups (like interns) offers children and teenagers something totally unique and obviously helpful. No wonder they love coming to see you.

Thanks again,

Amy Margolis, Ph.D.


Director of Neuropsychology

Brooklyn Learning Center

142 Joralemon Street

Brooklyn NY 11201