Employee Enrichment

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Small Businesses & Cooperations

Parenting stress affects every area of job performance. Statistics show employees struggling with parenting issues suffer from:

  • Low Productivity
  • High Turnover 
  • 40% Increase in Lateness
  • 30% Increase in Absenteeism.
  • An Inability to Engage in Work Related Travel or Overtime

“Nobody delivers no-nonsense information with the same compassion and humor. Parents left Sean’s workshop with more understanding, and practical parenting tips.  If I could have one person on my speed dial to answer all my parenting questions, it would be Sean Grover.” Debbie Teitelbaum, LaGuardia Parent Association

Employee Enrichment Workshops give your employees participants the tools they need to successfully balance work and parenthood, self-care and child-care. (Workshop Photo’s)

Employee Enrichment Workshops can be customized to meet your needs. Top programs requested are:

  • Balancing Parenthood & Work
  • Healthy Habits for Parents 
  • The Five Things Every Child Needs

“Thanks again for a great workshop today. All positive feedback!” Andrew Malekoff, Executive Director / CEO, North Shore Child and Family Guidance Center

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